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First Appointment

What to Expect at Your First Visit

First-Time Appointment

The first visit with the doctor is a consultation visit. The doctor will go over the patient's history and recent complaints. She will explain the procedure to the patient and answered any questions the patient has before treatment begins. The consultation is a 30 minute visit.

First Applied Kinesiology Appointment (AK)
The first treatment takes 2 hours. The doctor is in the room with the patient the whole time. The doctor is doing her initial assessment of all the muscle groups and looking for food sensitivities and chemical deficiencies. The patient should wear comfortable clothes. We ask that the patient not wear skirts or shirts with buttons on them. All jewelry should be taken off prior to the treatment. The patient should bring in all supplements that they are currently taking. The procedure is painless and non-invasive.

Second visit
The second visit takes place one week later. It is a one hour visit. During this treatment the doctor is assessing the endocrine system which includes hormone balancing. She is also looking at the liver and the rest of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thirty day follow up visit
The third visit takes place one month after the first treatment. The doctor will be re-assessing the patient. She will be checking the prior food sensitive and rebalancing the nervous system. She will also be checking the supplements that the patient is taking. The visit also takes an hour.

First Neuroemotional Treatment (NET)
The first treatment takes 1 hour. The doctor is in the room with the patient the whole time. The doctor is doing her initial assessment of the patient's nutritional needs to support the emotional work. The patient will remain seated comfortably in a chair through the whole treatment as the doctor begins addressing the patient's neuroemotional components. The doctor will be using muscle response testing to find the neuroemotional components.

Follow up visits for NET
Follow up visits can last 30min to an hour based on the patients needs. The doctor will use muscle response testing to find and address neuroemotional components.

First NEAT Visit
The first NAET visit is a 30 minute consultation. The doctor will go over the protocol and explain NAET to the patient. The patient then must receive a biomeridian scan to assist the doctor in identifying food sensitivities.

Follow up NAET

The patient will wash there hands before receiving treatment. The treatment last 15minutes. The doctor will us muscle response testing to treat the patient.

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