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After graduating from UNC-Greensboro with a Bachelor’s degree in 1991, Yvonne worked at MCI/Verizon supporting many aspects of technology including routers and switches and the many forms of communication.  Because of the high level of stress working in the corporate world, Yvonne leaned more deeply into the Eastern practices of the mind and body to create balance in her own life.  Experiencing the many benefits and desiring to help others feel more vibrant in the fast pace of life, Yvonne completed her RYT200 certification with the North Carolina School of Yoga in 2003, her ACSM Personal Trainer Certification in 2008, and received her certification as an Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner in 2012.  Yvonne is very curious and is constantly studying and experimenting the bio-hacking world of biophysics – still interested in communication, now it is the light pathways in the body that Yvonne is supporting! This passion for cutting edge holistic therapies led Yvonne’s dive into Esogetic Medicine via Colorpuncture which completely transformed her life and led her to a rich part of her healing journey. It was clear that “light therapy” was an essential component of truly holistic healing, where body, mind and spirit are brought into alignment.   She currently resides in downtown Raleigh where she loves studying human behavior and being entertained through movies, books, chats and podcasts.  Movement is Yvonne’s passion so you can find her doing some type of workout or standing on a vibe plate or walking  among the trees.

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Yvonne Cropp

Yvonne Cropp is a Biophysics Specialist and has been actively practicing complementary holistic therapies since 2000. She specializes in holistic therapies such as Esogetic Colorpuncture, Crystal Therapy, Functional Movement, Yoga and Meditation which are essential components of holistic healing. Yvonne’s intention is to create a safe healing environment where people can not only acquire the critical skills they need, but also personally experience the healing power of light through Esogetic Medicine and movement.

Yvonne believes that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. Because imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) can negatively affect overall health, by helping patients/clients achieve better balance, Yvonne’s clients/patients have been able to clear trauma, rebalance hormones and neurotransmitters,  enhance sleep and energy, manage addictions and their underlying triggers, enhance detox pathways to move lymph…which leads to an experience of a more vibrant life.